Victory in Jersey!

First Master’s Win with Lucas

How cool is that?! Less than one year from my first race, a Master’s race win in the Lucas Oil Formula Series and in the company of my boys, brother and father!

Cheesy to write, but I’m just so genuinely grateful for the entire Lucas team over the past two years since I attended my first race school. Phil, RC, Juan, Pippa, and Juan surely must’ve figured I was hopeless, but they kept providing the feedback to the point of making me a serviceable driver. Not to mention Dave, Matt, Jason, Jason, Clark, and Joe have always delivered a brilliant car, even when the driver wasn’t particularly brilliant. Just such a great group to be around and celebrate with in seeing my first win.

Best Result

Masters P1

Fastest lap: 1:34:2

Track food of the week: El Guacamole (food: ✓✓✓✓ drink: x)
Tough pick, this one. Not a whole lot going on around NJMP, so we were thrilled to find a highly rated Mexican restaurant. And the margaritas… well, there were none because they don’t have a liquor license.

Track Hotel: NJMP ✓✓✓✓✓
Staying at the track for the win again. Family got to watch the action from the balcony and retreat back into the A/C between sessions and easily had a more intimate view than from pit lane. Boys got to swim, I got to run the track in the mornings, and once the last session was over, it was sub-three minutes to a cold cocktail.

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