Steeles Storm X1 Outdoors

With Luke, Nick and Jack all running in the rimo class at X1 Outdoors the field was first flooded by the Steele boys, and subsequently flooded by actual rain.

Day 1: Clear Skies, Fast Laps

Truly a murder’s row of talent, led off by Nick, then Luke, and Jack ahead of the rest of the field.

Luke took the first victory of the day on a measured and focused race, running appropriately defensive laps – primarily to keep his brother from overtaking. Race 2 would be about the same, just with Jack taking the lead early and never looking back. Meanwhile, Nick, in his first visit to this track, immediately got up to speed and was a part of the lead group for the rest of the two days.

Best Result

Luke: P1

Jack: P1

Nick: P3

Day 2: Rain Soaked

Luke coming over the line in first

The next day was a completely different challenge for the team with raining saturating the track and engines. Only one race was able to get off with Luke taking that win on a very smooth and stable drive avoiding the slick apexes and riding a smart wet line. Unfortunately after that race, the engines simply couldn’t stay running due to the onslaught of the incoming storms. 

Celebratory dinner following day 1
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